10 x Children's Face Shield


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10 x Children's Face Shields


Whether you are a parent or know someone who is a teacher, help protect children going back to school with UAP Health Care. We have introduced children’s PPE to our range to help make the return to school safer. Face protection using a face shield is not only vital to help prevent the spread of a virus during face-to-face contact, but it also acts as a mechanical barrier to prevent the wearer touching their face or rubbing their eyes. Scientists have claimed that Coronavirus can enter the body through the eyes, after finding that the eyes contain a protein used by Coronavirus to bind to cells.

Our face shields are comfortable and light weight, offering exceptionally high protection, as well as making working in them very easy indeed.

Use of a Face Shield

For general use, our face shield can be used for seven days, as long as it is handled, cleaned and disinfected correctly after every use. When cleaning the face protection shield, use a mild detergent or cleaner with water water to remove any dirt or debris, and be gentle when cleaning or scrubbing to make sure that you do not scratch the lense. Once cleaned of dirt and debris, you must then use a disinfectant to properly clean the shield, and then rinse off completely and dry with a lint free cloth.

Face shields can be used for a week if handled and cleaned correctly for general use.

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Pack quantity: sold in multiples of 10



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