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Ultimate Door Security with the 6 Lever Mortice Dead Lock in Brass

If your clients are looking to up the door security of their property nothing will get the results that the fantastic 6 Lever Mortice Dead Lock in Brass from MAX6MUM SECURITY has to offer. TradeLocks works with leading home security specialist brand MAX6MUM SECURITY to ensure professional locksmiths have a variety of great door security locks suitable for property owners in Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain.

The fantastic MAX6MUM SECURITY 6 Lever Mortice Dead Locks offer a number of great door security features which ensure that as a professional you can confidently present and recommend them to your clients. Aside from conforming to the British Standard BS3621:2007 standards the locks also feature 6 levers and a super extended warding which offers superior anti-pick protection. This ensures that even the most professional lock pickers will find it extremely difficult if not impossible to pick the lock opened. To prevent drilling the security mortice dead lock also features hardened steel anti-drill plates on both sides for added protection. This great feature ensures that drilling isn’t an option without a specialized professional locksmith drill. These are accompanied by a heavy duty steel box striker.

In addition to these features the mortise dead lock also has a registered design restricted keyway which further adds extra door security and over 6,000 key variations. Its anti-hacksaw facility is possible through the four hardened steel roller bolts. What makes the MAX6MUM SECURITY 6 Lever Mortice Dead Lock a favourite among professional locksmiths however is that it has the easiest latch reverse in the world. Patent Protected its design is developed for speed and ease.

Tested to BS EN 12209:2003 standards the MAX6MUM SECURITY 6 Lever Mortice Dead Lock in Brass is a great choice to always have at hand when a client is looking for ultimate security, great prices, and durability. This is a great option for both home and business owners alike and a sure choice for professionals throughout the UK for its effectiveness and great way to impress the client. TradeLocks strives to present professionals a variety of options when it comes to window and door security so as to better help you choose the best option for your client based on their needs, taste, and overall budget. MAX6MUM SECURITY has quickly become a household name among both locksmiths and homeowners due to their development of window and door security solutions that offer results at a great price.

*We also have servicing kits and blank keys available.


Product Code: 6LMDBR25/6LMDBR30

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