Don Braidwood

Don Braidwood TradeLocks Signature Range Products are Developed to Impress

The TradeLocks Signature Range is carefully chosen and developed by locksmiths for locksmiths and nothing proves this more than the fantastic options available in the Don Braidwood TradeLocks Signature Range. Known for his professional outlook on locksmith tools and overall experience in the trade Don Braidwood is a name well known among professionals.

Designed to be thin enough to fit between any space between the door frame and door itself they can help you push the door back towards the hinges without bending or breaking. In the past lock tools like these bent or broke, but the extra strong and ultra durable Don Braidwood Door Spreaders don’t fail to impress. In addition to helping you successfully pushing the door towards the hinges so as to defeat the lock, they are designed to also be gentle enough so as not to damage the door in any way. No sign of you ever working the door or defeating the lock will be left, thus ensuring your clients are satisfied as they will not have to do any repairs.

Don Braidwood is a popular name among locksmiths and has developed a number of great quality domestic locksmith tools that have revolutionized the way locksmiths work on the field. TradeLocks recognizes this and has taken the necessary steps to add his name in our highly sought after Signature Range. TradeLocks serves professional locksmiths both domestic and auto throughout Great Britain, Scotland, and Ireland, and understands the importance of having high quality tools in order to ensure fast and effective results. Choose the Don Braidwood TradeLocks Signature Range and know you are getting professional domestic locksmith tools developed by and for professional locksmiths looking for quality, durability, and effectiveness. 

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