6" Signature Ponytail Door Knocker

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Modern 6” Signature Ponytail Door Knocker Features Art Deco Design Ideal for Contemporary Homes

TradeLocks presents the impressive 6” Signature Ponytail Door Knocker which features a sleek modern design suitable for every contemporary home in the UK.

Many homes in Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain today have sleek designs and contemporary architecture and homeowners are looking for door hardware to reflect that. The Art Deco feel of the 6” Signature Ponytail Door Knocker offers exactly that with its sleek lines and clean design. Featuring an integral striker plate it will work time and again as it is manufactured only of high quality materials.

A great investment for every locksmith for their shop the attractive 6” Signature Ponytail Door Knocker offers great value for money and is priced perfectly for resale. Aside from offering the traditional door knockers it’s important to have products for your more modern homeowners. At 6 inches (152 mm) the asymmetric lines of the knockers feature a sleek and understated striking plate. With an impressive durable finish the door knockers will impress time and again years after they’ve been fit onto the door.

Made of Zamak, the definition of this door knocker is much better than any cast or forged products, offering much sharper edges and beautifully defined lines. This means that this door knocker won't fail to impress with its attractive clean lines and overall durable finish and design.

Each Signature door knocker comes with a 5 year inland coating guarantee. Maintenance of the door knocker in PVD Gold is super easy and requires nothing more than to simply wipe with a very mild soap solution every month to remove air salt or dirt.

It’s essential that the door knocker matches perfectly with the rest of the overall exterior door hardware which is why we have this excellent door knocker in PVD Gold. Help your clients make an impression by stocking up on all finishes and remember to have colour matched door hardware to go with them as well.

TradeLocks understands the needs of both homeowners and locksmiths. Customers don’t necessarily know exactly what they are looking for perhaps that they even need it until they see it. By offering them a variety of options you increase the chances of a sale and thus a profit. Priced perfectly these door knockers are a great investment for any locksmith shop and a fantastic way to make an extra profit with limited effort. You can also throw several different design door knockers along with the 6” Signature Ponytail Door Knocker in the back of your van for when you are on a job and the client is looking to upgrade the overall look of their front door. 

6" Signature Ponytail Door Knocker

Finishes Code Material Construction Coating Guarantee


Distance Between Bolts 100 mm
Door Knocker Height 150 mm
Door Knocker Width 34 mm
Door Knocker Thickness 42 mm



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