6" Victorian Urn Door Knocker in Satin Stainless

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If you need a door knocker that can stand up to the elements then this is the one for you. The Nanocoast® Victorian Urn combines the classic door knocker with our innovative Nanocoast® technology, meaning you can have a stylish traditional looking door knocker that is also corrosion resistant.

Our Nanocoast® technology was designed specifically for properties in coastal areas and industrial areas. In these areas acid rain and salt attack the metal coatings making them tarnish very quickly. Nanocoast® products do not act in this way.

This door knocker is made from pure stainless steel and has been designed to give a life time of use in any area.

Salt spray tested to ASTM B117 for 2,000 hours and comes with up to a 10 year coastal guarantee.

6" Victorian Urn Door Knocker in Satin Stainless

Finishes Solid With Hole Material Construction Coating Guarantee
Satin Stainless V6SSS-NANOCOAST V6SSSH-NANOCOAST Stainless Steel Lifetime

Distance Between Bolts 100 mm
Distance Between Top Bolt & Door Viewer Hole 40 mm
Door Viewer Hole Size 12 mm
Door Knocker Height 160 mm
Door Knocker Width 72 mm
Door Knocker Thickness 12 mm



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