Genuine Lishi T3 T26 HYN14R Pick / Decoder 2 in 1


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Genuine Lishi T3 T26 HYN14R Pick and Decoder - 2 in 1

Genuine Lishi T3 T26 HYN14R Pick / Decoder 2 in 1

Grid reference = T26


Opens the following vehicles:

Carens (2006 Onwards)
Carnival (2005 Onwards)
Cerato (2007 Onwards)
Magentis (2006 Onwards)
Optima (2006 Onwards)
Rondo (2006 Onwards)
Sedona (2005 Onwards)
Spectra (2007 Onwards)
Various Models (2005 Onwards)

Sante Fe (2006 Onwards)
Sante Fe
I10 (2007 Onwards)
Santa Fe (2006 Onwards)
Sonata (2004 - 2009)
H1 Bus (2008 Onwards)


The next generation of Genuine Lishi tools is now available at Tradelocks – introducing Genuine Lishi T3After 4 years of dedicated tool development, trials and continual testing, T3 was born. T3 stands for Tough, Technically-Advanced Tools.

Using the most advanced coating technology we have designed a tool with a durable, jet black, anti-glare finish made with the highest quality titanium and other precious materials. It features a contrasting white, easy to read grid and offers the added strength needed to pick those older, trickier locks. The easy slide coating also makes this a very smooth tool to use.

The anti-glare finish makes the tools very easy to use in the day time, as it reduces the sun's glare on the grid making it a lot easier to read. 

The anonymous coding system was introduced as a response to customer concerns over their own customers knowing which tool they were using, as the name would be engraved on the pick. Only the ‘T’ code and the grid is visible - giving added anonymity.

Auto locksmiths, recovery agencies and security specialists need the best. T3  tools are the most up to date picks and decoders on the market, as well as being sturdy, durable and are guaranteed to deliver the best performance!


RETURNS POLICY: All Genuine Lishi picks are non-returnable unless there is a manufacturing issue. If you have ordered the incorrect tool we will not complete a return, we will only raise a return on a Lishi pick that has a manufacturing fault. If you return a pick at your own cost you will not be refunded and you will have to collect the replacement pick in person or pay for the postage back.

Product Code: T26-HYN14R-2IN1

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